Folding Circle Book

project courtesty of teacher Penny Ann Cline
The circle book is a great way to publish student work. It lends itself to shared writing as well as individual writing. Because it is so unique, it is read over and over again. See student samples.
  1. Cut templates: one large for the backing (to be used on construction paper) and one small for the text (to use with white copy paper).
  2. Using the templates, cut out pages--both backing and printed text.
  3. Glue text wedge onto backing wedge.
  4. Laminate each wedge individually.
  5. Tape wedges together. Start by laying the first four pages together to form a circle. Tape #1 to #2, then #2 to #3. Next tape #3 to #4. DO NOT TAPE #4 to #1. Fold over #1 and place wedge #5 in place next to #4. Tape. Repeat this folding and taping until the book is complete.
Notes:  I found that using the landscape page setting on the computer allows for the width of the circle. I also centered all of the text. It's a good idea to print two copies "just in case." Tape on both the front and back of each wedge for extra strength and to cover stickiness from the tape. Use good, wide tape.

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